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For Floor Safety

Introducing BOOST™ MAX & BOOST™ MAX PLUS - the perfect non-slip coating to increase slip resistance and maintain aesthetic integrity.

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Scientifically Formulated
to Support All Floor Types and Environments


Slip Resistant Doesn’t Have to Mean Ugly

Improve Slip Resistance
Ensure Standard Compliance
Increase Durability
Enhance Aesthetics
Reduce Maintenance Costs

Benefits of BOOSTTM MAX

Replaces Strip
& Wax Systems
Slip Resistant
(ANSI A326.3 compliant)
Scratch, UV,
& Stain Resistant
(Lasts 5-10 years)
Formulated to support
any floor type
Easy to clean

Our Projects

We're proud of our exceptional record in delivering walkway safety solutions to diverse industries, partnering with numerous clients across various sectors.


Through meticulous analysis, advanced technology, and tailored strategies, we've consistently reduced hazards, liabilities, and costs for our clients.

Our Track Record

Our compliance reports have prevented any slip and fall claims, saving clients millions in liabilities by demonstrating their floors exceed national safety standards.

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The Largest Floor Safety Service Provider

Network in the USA

Why Walkway?

Walkway Management Group, Inc. is the leader in walkway testing technology and services, working across the commercial, education, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality and senior living facility spectrum throughout the USA to help reduce slip and fall hazards, liabilities and maintenance costs.

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Why Floor Safety is Important


of disabling workplace injuries accounts to slip and falls

$15,000 - $45,000

is the average slip and fall settlement in USA

$12.56 Billion

is spent annually for slip and fall injuries in USA

(According to Liberty Mutual's Workplace Safety Index)

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three doctors in hospital corridor

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*Samples are available upon request

Get a Free Quote

*Samples are available upon request